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ETWR-Ed Criteria

ETWR-Educators Recognition Program:

Does My School Qualify?

Use this page to determine which recognition tier your school might qualify for. The following sections contains the criteria that make up the application. The minimum number needed for bronze, gold and platinum status is listed at the bottom of each section.

To achieve Platinum status you must hold Gold Status for at least 1 year and display sustainability and quality improvements around educator wellness. Applicants for Platinum will compete a comprehensive on-site visit with the ETWR Chair to discuss their current wellness initiatives.

Organizational/ Infrastructure

1.1: Are Key Stakeholders committed to worksite wellness?

1.2: Does your school have a staff wellness plan in place?

1.3: How does your school regularly communicate wellness programming and information to staff?

1.4: Does your school have a wellness committee, wellness champions, or designated employees who help implement and oversee worksite wellness program operations?

1.5 Does your school offer an annual needs and interests survey to staff as a means to assess the employee wellness program components

1.6: Does our school provide incentives along with other strategies to encourage participation in wellness activities?

1.7: Does your school use competitions when combined with additional interventions to support employees making behavior change?

Bronze: 3/7 Gold: 5/7



Health Issues & Disease Prevention

2.1: Make blood pressure monitoring devices available with instructions?

2.2: Make scales available for assessing weight with instructions?

2.3 Provide educational materials or workshops that addresses risks of health issues (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight/obesity)

Bronze: 1/3 Gold: 3/3



Physical Activity

3.1: Provide signage for indoor or outdoor walking routes?

3.2: Provide prompts to promote physical activity near each stairwell or elevator and other key locations?

3.3: Provide bike racks in safe and convenient locations and make employees aware of where they are located?

3.4: Provide educational materials such as brochures, videos, newsletters, etc. that address the benefits of physical activity

3.5 Provide access to basic fitness equipment or outdoor exercise areas, playing fields or walking trails for employees to use?

Bronze: 1/5  Gold: 3/5




4.1 Have a healthy vending machine or cafeteria policy?

4.2: Have a system to promote healthy options at potluck meetings or events?

4.3: Make filtered water available and/or promote drinking water throughout the day?

4.4: Provide a designated space for employee breaks and kitchen equipment for employee food storage and preparation?

4/5: promote healthy choices from vending or cafeteria through symbols, signage, or other communication

4.6 Provide onside gardening for employee use?

Nutrition & Lactation together

Bronze: 2/8 Gold 3/8



Lactation & Pregnancy:

5.1: Does your school qualify as a “Breastfeeding Welcomed Here” Establishment? (this requires taking the TDH “Breastfeeding Welcomed Here” Pledge)

5.2: Provide private space (other than a restroom) that may be used by an employee to express breast milk?

Nutrition & Lactation together

Bronze: 2/8 Gold 3/8



Mental Health, Substance Misuse & Workplace Stress

6.1: Have referral programs for depression, stress and/or other mental health risk factors?

6.2: Sponsor or organize social events throughout the year (i.e. team building events, etc.)

6.3: Offer training to staff for recognizing and assisting with social wellness, stress, depression or substance abuse? (seminars, workshops, resources, etc.)

6.4: Provide dedicated space that is quiet where staff members can engage in relation activities such as deep breathing exercises?

6.5: Encourage staff members to use paid vacation time, personal days or hours?

Bronze: 1/5 Gold: 3/5




7.1 Does our school make employees and the public aware of the tobacco use policy through adequate signage?

7.2: Prohibit all forms of tobacco use anywhere on the property, including school vehicles?

Bronze 1/2 Gold: 2/2