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Free Worksite Wellness Resources

Free Resources to Help Grow Your Wellness Program

This page contains wellness resources according to the ETWR Recognition criteria for bronze, gold, and platinum status.

Working toward ETWR Recognition? Click on each wellness category below for free resources.

ETWR Recognition Categories

1.1 Are key stakeholders (i.e., senior management, human resource managers, safety officers, staff members, etc.) committed to worksite wellness?


1.2 Do employers role model healthy behaviors?


1.3 Does your worksite have a wellness committee, champions, or designated employees who meet at least annually to oversee worksite wellness program operations?


1.4 Does your worksite have a worksite wellness plan in place?


1.5 Does your worksite regularly communicate wellness programming and information to employees?


1.6 Is there a worksite wellness budget (including insurance rebates, allotted funds, etc.) for employee health promotion that includes some funds for programming or incentives?


1.7 Does your worksite offer an annual needs and interests survey to employees as a means to check-in with the wellness program target audience?


1.8 Does your worksite engage in other health initiatives throughout the community and support employee participation and volunteer efforts? (Ex: community events, school-based efforts, corporate walks, participation in health organizations or coalitions)


1.9 Does your worksite have a formal, ongoing evaluation process in place to evaluate the worksite wellness program? (Evaluation examples may include participant counts for various campaigns, documentation on action plans, or assessing the return on investment of money spent on wellness vs. cost savings.)


1.10 Does your worksite provide incentives along with other strategies to encourage participation in wellness activities?


1.11 Does your worksite use competitions when combined with additional interventions to support employees making behavior change?


1.12 Does your worksite offer health insurance to employees and their families?


Other Resources:

2.1 Does your worksite have a written tobacco and e-cigarette policy?

2.2 Does your worksite make employees and the public aware of the tobacco use policy through adequate signage?

2.3 Does your worksite prohibit all forms of tobacco use anywhere on the property, including company vehicles?  

2.4 Does your worksite offer resources to employees who want to quit or have quit using tobacco products (i.e., Tennessee Tobacco QuitLine)?  

2.5 Does your worksite provide incentives for being a current nonuser of tobacco and for current tobacco users that are currently involved in cessation classes or actively quitting?

  • Examples: include incentives through health insurance (points, etc.)

Other Resources:

3.1 Does your worksite have a healthy vending or cafeteria policy?


3.2 Does your worksite have a healthy catering policy?


3.3 Does your worksite make filtered water available and/or promote drinking water throughout the day?


3.4 Does your worksite provide a designated space for employee breaks and kitchen equipment for employee food storage and preparation?

  • Employee breakroom supplies for healthy food preparation and/or storage may be available upon request. Submit requests through the annual application for resources.


3.5 Does your worksite provide onsite gardening for employees?

  • Employee garden equipment may be available upon request. Submit requests through the annual application for resources.
    • Worksite gardens may include: raised garden bed, soil, large outdoor storage bin, combination lock, gardening starter kit with tools and gloves, hose, landscape fabric, fabric staples, spray nozzle for hose, watering wand for hose, kneeling pads, reusable plant markers, rain gauge, watering can, bucket, twine.
  • CAC Beardsley Farm 


3.6 Does your worksite provide educational seminars, workshops, “lunch and learns”, or classes on nutrition?

3.7 Does your worksite offer or promote fresh fruits and vegetables? (Cafeteria offerings, snacks, connect employees to farmer’s markets)

3.8 Does your worksite promote healthy choices from vending or cafeteria through symbols, signage, or other communication?

4.1 Does your worksite have a written policy on breastfeeding for employees that is consistent with state and federal laws?


4.2 Does your worksite qualify as a “Breastfeeding Welcomed Here” establishment? (This requires taking the TDH “Breastfeeding Welcomed Here” pledge. 


4.3 Does your worksite provide private space (other than a restroom) that may be used by an employee to express breast milk?

  • Lactation room equipment and supplies may be available upon request. Submit requests through the annual application for resources.
    • A lactation room may include the following items: sofa chair, side table, lamp, panel room divider, mini refrigerator/freezer, lockers, microwave, sound machine, surge protector, milk storage bags, cooler packs, steamer bags, bottle sterilizer, signage for the door.


4.4 Does your worksite offer paid maternity/paternity leave or flexible work hours, separate from sick, annual or vacation time?


4.5 Does your worksite offer additional flexibility for new mothers/fathers if paid maternity/paternity leave is not an option?


Other Resources:

5.1 Does your worksite provide free, discounted or employer subsidized memberships to fitness centers?


5.2 Does your worksite provide signage for indoor or outdoor walking routes?


5.3 Does your worksite provide access to an onsite exercise facility, basic fitness equipment or outdoor exercise areas, playing fields or walking trails for employees to use?


5.4 Does your worksite provide prompts to promote physical activity near each stairwell or elevator and other key locations?


5.5 Does your worksite provide bike racks in safe and convenient locations and make employees aware of where they are located?

  • Employee bike racks may be available for your worksite upon request. Submit requests through the annual application for resources.


5.6 Does your worksite provide organized individual or group physical activity programs for employees (i.e., run club, hiking club or onsite group fitness classes)?


5.7 Does your worksite provide a physical activity policy that allows for flexible hours to accommodate activity?


5.8 Does your worksite provide educational materials such as brochures, videos, newsletters, etc. that address the benefits of physical activity?


6.1 Does your worksite have referral programs for depression, stress and/or other mental health risk factors? 

  • Resources coming soon


6.2 Does your worksite sponsor or organize social events throughout the year (i.e., company picnics, group outings, employee sports teams, team building events, etc.)?


6.3 Does your worksite provide free or subsidized screenings (beyond self-report) for depression followed by direct feedback and clinical referral when appropriate?


6.4 Does your worksite offer training to employees and/or supervisors for recognizing an assisting with social wellness, stress, depression, or substance abuse? (seminars, workshops, resources, etc.)


6.5 Does your worksite provide dedicated space that is quiet where employees can engage in relaxation activities such as deep breathing exercises?


6.6 Does your worksite have referral programs for employees with drug or alcohol concerns?

  • Resources coming soon


6.7 Does your worksite have a drug-free workplace policy?

  • Resources coming soon


6.8 Does your worksite promote work-life balance?

  • Resources coming soon


6.9 Does your worksite provide financial wellness support?


6.10 Does your worksite provide stress management programs for employees?


6.11 Does your worksite encourage employees to use paid vacation time, personal days or hours?


Other resources:

7.1 Does your worksite offer/require health risk assessments and/or biometric screenings on a regular basis (at least every other year)?


7.2 Make blood pressure monitoring devices available with instructions?


7.3 Make scales available for assessing weight with instructions?

  • Scales may be available upon request. Submit requests through the annual application for resources.


7.4 Provide influenza vaccinations at your worksite with no or low cost to employees? 

  • Resources coming soon


7.5 Promote/encourage influenza (flu) vaccines through written materials or online information to address the benefits of the flu vaccine?  


7.6 Provide educational materials such as brochures, videos, posters, etc. that addresses risks of health issues (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight/obesity)?


7.7 Provide educational workshops, seminars, classes, or online trainings for health issues (hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, overweight/obesity)?

Miscellaneous Resources

Applying for Additional Wellness Resources

Additional wellness equipment and supplies may be available as grant funds allow. Equipment and supplies can be requested through the ETWR Recognition Application. Click here for more information about the application.