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Non-Solicitation Policy

To preserve the integrity of its meetings, the East Tennessee Wellness Roundtable encourages networking and relationship-building, but it does not condone overt solicitation. When networking, members are encouraged to inquire about services, discounts, or partnership opportunities with other organizations, but without this direct inquiry by another member, active solicitation is prohibited during meetings. The direction of interest should be member-pull, not vendor-push.

Presenters are selected because they are professionals in their field, and the primary purpose of their presentation is to provide evidence-based wellness information. They are asked to exercise good judgment regarding information-sharing without soliciting members. Presenters are invited to provide business cards at the registration table and educational materials pertinent to their presentation topic or field. Strictly promotional materials may not be distributed.

The promotion of wellness-related events will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors.